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  • Watch Baldwin& Founder David Baldwin onstage at ICNY 19 as he tells the story of how his brand Ponysaurus Brewing in Durham, North Carolina, got involved in one of the most controversial state bills (HB2) and created a support system that raises money for LGBTQ issues — and how the brand has grown as a result.
    Created: 2/23/2019 1:50:37 AM
  • Objection handling is one of the most important skill sets a real estate agent can master. There will always be stalls whether you work with buyers, sellers or both. So what's the key? Find out from the pros at Inman Connect New York.
    Created: 2/23/2019 12:22:08 AM
  • Friday's rally is particularly notable because other than installing Rich Barton as CEO, the company appears to be largely staying the course it laid out in prior earnings calls — including doubling down on the very programs that had previously spooked investors.
    Created: 2/22/2019 1:24:42 PM
  • Well-known CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his wife have put their beautiful property in the Hamptons on the market for $2.9 million.
    Created: 2/22/2019 12:43:06 PM
  • Everyone is talking about homebuyers facing uncertainty when it comes time to purchase. Felix Salmon, Axios’ chief financial correspondent, gives a big-picture economic explanation onstage at Inman Connect New York. 
    Created: 2/22/2019 11:38:21 AM
  • In an exclusive interview with Inman, HomeVestors CEO David Hicks described iBuyers as a very different animal than traditional home flippers.
    Created: 2/22/2019 10:23:37 AM
  • Are you ready for the market winds to shift? Find out now how you can get ahead of a changing market with tips on how to track your expenses, measure your cash flow and evaluate your overall business to determine what to cut and when from some of the top team leaders in the nation.
    Created: 2/22/2019 8:39:41 AM
  • Real estate franchise giant RE/MAX is getting ready to roll out its proprietary end-to-end real estate technology platform for agents later this year, competing directly with similar offerings from rival franchise Keller Williams and rival private brokerage Compass.
    Created: 2/22/2019 8:04:04 AM
  • An Illinois ranch cottage created by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1913 has hit the market for just under $600,000.
    Created: 2/22/2019 6:36:30 AM
  • Boutique brokerages have traditionally been confined to either rentals or sales, but new technologies and changing consumer demands now afford and incentivize smaller agencies to target both markets. Here are three strategies to help you master both.
    Created: 2/22/2019 1:10:44 AM
  • Successful negotiation hinges on knowing what to expect and preparing for all possible outcomes. Here are four tricks you should always be ready for and when to expect them. 
    Created: 2/22/2019 12:32:39 AM
  • The week's top real estate industry stories plus top Inman Connect New York talks you can't miss.
    Created: 2/22/2019 12:25:56 AM
  • Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they’ll follow up on Gary Vaynerchuk, who sat down to talk out his comments with an agent after the initial controversial interview.
    Created: 2/22/2019 12:14:39 AM
  • Zillow plans to purchase an average of 5,000 homes per month for all-cash from people around the country, and the company's Homes division that oversees Zillow Offers will bring in expected annualized revenue of about $20 billion.
    Created: 2/21/2019 3:19:43 PM
  • RE/MAX reported $50.8 million revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018, a year-over-year 4.8 percent increase, according to the company's Thursday earnings release, beating the consensus estimate of $50.27 million in quarterly revenue.
    Created: 2/21/2019 1:51:45 PM
  • In an earnings report Thursday, Seattle-based Zillow Group posted a net loss of $97.7 million in the fourth quarter and a net loss of $120 million for all of 2018.
    Created: 2/21/2019 1:38:37 PM
  • Zillow co-founder Rich Barton is taking back the reins as CEO, replacing Spencer Rascoff, the real estate tech giant announced amid its fourth quarter 2018 corporate earnings release.
    Created: 2/21/2019 1:18:28 PM
  • Tap into your EQ, and open the door to new business and life skills with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Founding Director Marc Brackett.
    Created: 2/21/2019 11:12:37 AM