Relocation Tips


The following check list will assist in making the relocation process more organized.
An important aspect of a successful move is pre-planning.

Find out what to do before the move and things you may overlook on
moving day. Also, prepare yourself with the minimal necessities during
the moving process. Finally, plan ahead and prepare your new residence
for your arrival.

What to do before moving day:

Schedule rental truck and/or moving company at least six weeks
in advance.
Begin gathering packing supplies and start packing early.
If you are renting, notify your landlord or management company
at least 4 weeks in advance.
Contact utility companies and schedule shut off dates. These
include water, electricity, gas, cable, trash service, telephone, etc.
Call your local phone company at least two weeks before your move
to either transfer your number or request a new number for your
new home.
Have gas, electric and water services connected at your new residence
the day before you move in. Have services scheduled to be turned off
at your old address the day after you move.
Arrange for cable installation at your new address.
Notify post office of new address and mail change of address forms
at least one month in advance.
The following will be forwarded at no charge for the period indicated:


  • First Class, Priority and Express Mail: 12 months unless
    otherwise requested by mailer.
  • Newspapers and Magazines: 60 days.
  • Packages weighing 16 ounces or more: 12 months locally
    (you pay forwarding charges if you move outside the local area.
    If you do not want this class of mail forwarded, contact your
    local Post Office).
  • Mail Address Change Notification cards to people and businesses
    who send you mail.
If you have pets and/or plants, you need to arrange for their transfer.
Most moving companies cannot move them for you.
If you need to dispose of hazardous products, call 1-800-cleanup.

Specific Tasks You Don't Want to Overlook

If you are traveling a great distance, have your car serviced 2 weeks
in advance.
Make hotel reservations if you are traveling long distance or are
unable to move in to your residence right away.
On moving day carry hard-to-replace items with you, such as jewelry,
family photos, etc.
Make sure to back-up your computer files before you disconnect and
pack it away.

Last Minute Tasks for the Day of the Move

Pack a survival kit with enough essentials to tide you and your family
over for at least 24 hours:


    Personal needs - eyeglasses, medication, extra clothes, etc.
    Bathroom needs - towels, soap, toilet paper, etc.
    Cleaning needs - sponges, cleaners, broom, dustpan, etc.
    Kitchen needs - snacks, drinks, disposable utensils, cups,
    and plates, etc.
    Basic tools - hammer, screwdrivers (phillips head & flat head),
    knife, tape, etc.
    Payment for movers.
    Keys and directions to your new home.

Responsibilities at your future address:

Arrange to register your children in new school(s).
Familiarize your children with their new environment.
Put together your children and your own health records - keep these
handy during your move.
Look for new doctors and dentists.
Update or open new bank accounts.